Thanksgiving dinner


We planned the meal for about a month, altering and tweaking it right up until the last minute. I wanted it to be just right; so many needs were to be met with this meal. Tradition, memories renewed and new ones being made. The opportunity to try out some delicious new recipes and gain the confidence that comes with a dish prepared successfully. Bringing people together at the table to share nourishing food and enjoy the tastes of the season.

I began cooking at around 9am. I cut and toasted bread cubes for the stuffing, assembled the tiramisu, and pumpkin flan. Realizing that I didn’t have ingredients for the cranberry salsa my husband had planned to make, I had to make a last minute run to the store.

At a friends’ party a couple weeks back we had these yummy, thick crunchy tortilla chips and he asked me to pick them up as well, for the salsa. They are freshly made at Top Value. I was sad to see that they were fried in hydrogenated oil. I bought a small bag and vowed to never again.

Back at the house, I put the flan in the oven and pulled the turkey out of the fridge. I began sautéing the veggies for the stuffing and mixing the ingredients for the pecan pie. My sister arrived and it got a little crazier in the house. My kids love having company and get all wild with excitement.

Back into the kitchen, things started to heat up. My husband got going on the crab stuffed mushrooms and his cranberry salsa. My sister lent a hand with chopping. There were yams, potatoes, pumpkin custards, and the turkey still to make. The turkey went into the oven next and yams were underway. More friends showed up and I put them to work peeling potatoes.

Turkey, yams, stuffing and rolls in the oven, potatoes boiling, green beans steaming, pies cooling, all there was left to do was make the gravy.

The house was bustling with conversation and activity. There were snacks aplenty but everyone awaited the main meal. This is what Thanksgiving is supposed to be like.

It was a beautiful spread. Everything turned out wonderfully and I felt content, though I had decided last minute to skip some of the dishes. And it even tasted better than it looked! The mushroom sausage stuffing was the best I had ever had! The potatoes were a nice balance of creamy and chunky. The turkey was wonderfully moist and the cranberry-orange relish complimented it perfectly. Everyone else at the table seemed to be enjoying the meal as well.

A couple hours later our friends from down the street showed up for dessert. I had invited them and hoped they would come. There were four choices: tiramisu, pumpkin flan, traditional spiced pumpkin pie, and bittersweet chocolate pecan pie. They all turned out perfectly, to my happy surprise. I was proud to offer them to my guests.
I would have to say that this was one of my best Thanksgivings ever. We pulled it off wonderfully, all in one day, with four desserts. Can’t wait for next year.


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One Comment on “Thanksgiving dinner”

  1. Angela
    February 7, 2008 at 3:27 pm #

    It was a wonderful meal and a wonderful day. Totally worth the drive out!

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