Cranberry liqueur/ Limoncello


Browsing through holiday cookbooks and magazines, I ran across a few recipes for liqueur.  With leftover cranberries from Thanksgiving sitting in the fridge I bookmarked the recipe for cranberry liqueur.  Sunset magazine featured a recipe for limoncello with rosemary that looked wonderful.  Both sounded festive for Christmas giving.

For the cranberry liqueur, I coarsely chopped the cranberries in the food processor, added to a bottle of vodka, and let steep for 30 days.  Strain and pour into smaller bottles for gift giving. 

I first encountered limoncello on a road trip with Daniele Pezzetta.  We drove from Gaeta down to the coastal town of Positano.  I remember the drive clearly, winding down narrow unmarked roads past beautiful old houses and lush greenery.  The shops in town seemed to all have a similar theme; lemons.  I bought a small bottle of limoncello, a couple shot glasses with lemons on them, and a painting of a house with beautiful flowers and a lemon tree. 

While in Samara, Costa Rica a couple summers ago, we happened upon a wonderful family-run Italian restaurant.  They made a delicious wood-fired pizza and featured an array of desserts, rolled out to our table on a cart.  The wife made something new each night and the owner was not shy in offering us a taste of each.  Excited to practice my Italian, we chatted a bit with the owner each chance we had.  After two hours of dining, including appetizer, pizza, pasta, wine, dessert, and great conversation, the owner brought over complimentary ice-cold limoncello. 

 For my limoncello, I started at the farmers market to purchase Meyer lemons. The rosemary I picked out of our school garden.  I then peeled the lemon rind into a bottle of vodka, add rosemary, and let it sit for 20 days.  After that time, I added simple syrup and let steep another 20 days.  After that time, I strained and bottled it into smaller decorative jars. 

I decorated the jars, labeled them, and tagged with drink recipes.  I hope everyone who received them as gifts enjoy!  Those who didn’t get some can use the recipe to make their own. 














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2 Comments on “Cranberry liqueur/ Limoncello”

  1. Angela
    January 29, 2008 at 9:00 pm #

    I hope you keep this post available for a long time because I’d like to make this one day.

  2. Nona
    July 29, 2009 at 2:40 pm #

    I just finished the cranberry vodka- and need more. 🙂

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