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Being of foodie mind, I am always on the lookout for food experiences. Whenever I return to Seattle, I look forward to certain things as I pass different neighborhoods. In Fremont, I look forward to stopping by Essential Bread Company for their pizza bianca, in Ballard, I crave the fresh breads and mazurkas at Great Harvest, and on my drive to Magnolia, as I pass over the Ballard Bridge, I start to scan the street for signs proclaiming Loki is in port, where I can buy fresh wild salmon straight off the boat. I know salmon can be bought just about anywhere, but getting it directly from the fisherman at the marina is so much more fun.

Loki is a family-run business. Pete Knudson, the father, not only does the fishing but is also a teacher at Seattle Community College. I first met him back in 1999 when I was taking classes towards my AA. He is a very charming man, with lovely long curly hair and a sincere smile. I met him again a few years later when I had stopped to buy a whole fish off the boat. While working at the farmers market for Samish Bay Cheese, I met Dylan, the younger of the two sons. He has a kindness about him. He was working for the business during the summers and going to college in southern California during the school year. His older brother, Jonah, was the one who did most of the fishing with their father. Their mother runs the business from their home, arranging shipments and deliveries.

On my most recent trip home, the sign was out! But I had to wait until Saturday at 10am, as they only sell on weekends. Finally Saturday arrived and I headed down to the marina. Jonah was assisting a customer as I drove in. I introduced myself and we talked a bit about the business and the details of fishing. I bought a couple whole pink salmon for sharing while in town. If only it would keep on the drive back to LA! I would have bought more. Jonah put my mind at ease; they will ship nationwide!

My father-in-law barbequed one of the fish whole, with a little pouch of smoke chips. It made a wonderful farewell dinner, as well as yummy snack, cold.

I cannot wait for our next trip back home. I will definitely be back in Magnolia, driving past the marina to see if Loki is in port.

holiday0038.jpgholiday0039.jpgContact Loki Fish at gowild@lokifish.com or check them out at their website-www.lokifish.com

NOTE: I just found out today that Loki’s salmon jerky is sold in West LA!!  at Rainbow Acres in Mar Vista.

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