Delicious Things To Do With A Meyer Lemon

There was an article in the LA Times recently titled 100 Things To Do With a Meyer Lemon.  It was wonderful and contained many delicious ideas to use the sweet juicy meyer lemon everyday.  I took some of my favorite ideas and posted them here.

Make roasted Cornish game hens with Meyer lemons, olives and fennel(see recipe).

Make shrimp piri piri with black rice and chef Marcus Samuelsson’s “quick-preserved” Meyer lemons (see recipe).

Make Meyer lemon-cardamom ice cream (see recipe).

Assemble sandwiches of thinly sliced lemons, smoked salmon and sour cream on pumpernickel bread.

To a risotto made with mascarpone and Parmesan, add some grated Meyer lemon peel.

Take a cue from Quinn Hatfield of Hatfield’s in Los Angeles and pour yourself a lemon gimlet (Meyer lemon juice and zest, soda water and Meyer lemon simple syrup).

Rub a Meyer lemon peel around the rim of a demitasse of espresso.

If you don’t mind delayed gratification, make classic preserved lemons (different from chef Samuelsson’s because the lemons are preserved slowly over weeks instead of quickly blanched and cooked) by filling a Mason jar with quartered Meyer lemons, one-fourth cup of kosher salt and enough lemon juice to cover, and letting them sit in your refrigerator for three weeks. Or, for extra flavor, throw some spices into the jar too: a bay leaf, a cinnamon stick, some black peppercorns, a dried Thai chile, a cardamom pod.

Send a box of Meyer lemons to friends or relatives out of state.

Serve quartered Meyer lemons with a plate of gravlax, pumpernickel bread and a sauce made from fresh dill, honey, mustard and lemon zest.

Slice Meyer lemon peels into a jar of honey and allow to sit for a few weeks: the peel will perfume the honey while it slowly candies in the jar.

To read the whole article click here:,0,6158499,full.story

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