My favorite new things

When asked this year what I wanted for Christmas, I thought logically. What items could better my daily life? What things had I thought would be great to own one day? It came to me right away! A enameled cast iron stew pot! I remember one from my childhood, my grandma used on a regular basis. That same pot has now been passed down to my mom and is a constant in her kitchen as well.

Oh the things I could create in a pot like that! And if taken well care of, can be something I pass on to my kids.

It seemed just perfect, getting that pot from my mom. A bright apple red, so pretty I just had to take it out of the box and touch it. I couldn’t wait to get it back to my house to make my first stew in it.


The other thing that I thought would better my life was a stainless steel heavy-bottomed saucepan. I had just recently got rid of all the pots and pans in my cabinet that had nonstick coating. Knowing what we know now, I cannot, with good conscious, cook with possibly toxic materials. My cabinets look pretty sad and empty with the leftover pans, items that have been handed down to me over the years. All stainless steel, no aluminum either(which has strongly been linked to Alzheimer’s) . My collection does not match but is all I need, with the addition of that new saucepan.

My father-in-law was happy to find something just right for me. He knows cooking and equipment and would enjoy the challenge. What I had in mind was not what he found but it turns out his choice was better. I was thinking a straight sided saucepan but this one curves out, allowing for more room inside the bowl. The heavy bottom heats slowly and keeps the heat, much like a cast iron skillet. Because it is stainless steel it cleans very easily as well. Yeah for new useful things! Thank you Mom and Brock!


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