Grand View School Garden Salad

The seeds that we planted back in October were now full grown and ready to harvest. We grew three different varieties of lettuce, arugula, beets, kohlrabi, and spinach. It was going to make a lovely salad for the whole class!

The day of the harvest was cold and rainy. I really wanted the children to be a part of the harvesting so they would be more connected to the whole process. We put on our rain jackets and rushed outside, trying to beat the heavy rain. I quickly reminded them what we had grown and that we planned to make a salad the following day. I pulled up a big purple beet. “Wow!” “Cool!” I cut the kohlrabi from its base and showed them the round vegetable. They wanted to pass it around and touch it. Then the rain started again strong. I would finish the harvesting while they ran back into the class to stay dry.

I took all the produce home to wash and prepare. I cleaned and boiled the beets, cutting them into small bites for each child to taste. The kohlrabi was peeled and sliced into half moons, just enough for everyone.


My husband was home from work the day of the salad making. I recruited him to join us. My son was elated to have his dad at school to show off to his classmates.

I spoke to the class,reminding them what we had grown. I asked them if they remember what the kohlrabi looked like when we harvested it. I then showed them what it looked like cut up. This class was pretty used to me coming in and cooking with them and they were great sports about it. They were pretty open to trying new things, and even enjoying it alot of the time. I warned them that there were alot of new flavors in the salad we were preparing and some they may like and some they may not. I asked them to have an open mind and give everything a try.

My husband and I portioned out salad onto each child’s plate, along with a piece of kohlrabi and beet. The teacher quickly showed them how to make homemade Thousand Island dressing and they had a choice of that or lemon.

I watched as the kids ate. Everyone was giving it a try. No complaining, no silly loud remarks of “gross” or “ewww”. Most of the kids were heartily eating, and coming back to ask for more! What a great group of kids! I feel very fortunate to be involved and have my son there.


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One Comment on “Grand View School Garden Salad”

  1. Angela
    February 7, 2008 at 3:16 pm #

    That is WONDERFUL! I bet Jaden felt so happy. You should be proud of yourself.

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