This week’s produce

Unfortunately my digital camera is no where to be found so this week’s bounty will only be described in words.

It was a day familiar to me, like many winter days back home. The wind blew as grey clouds hung low overhead. It was sprinkling on and off. Perfect day for the farmers market, to me. I knew not many other Southern Californians would venture out unless necessary, so I would have the market to myself. But that also so meant it was a gamble if my favorite vendors would be in attendance.

My main goal was beef bones from Greg(Rocky Canyon Farm) but he did not show. Lucky for me there was an abundance of delicious and unusual produce instead. Here is what I bought this week:

(produce is always organic-I won’t buy it from the market any other way)
half flat strawberries(already delicious and sweet, surprisingly)

fresh nettles(for a frittata or tart)

rapini or broccoli rabe(for saute with butter)

baby spinach

broccolini(for saute with butter and salt)

carrots (for snacking)

bok choy(for stir-fry)

black radish(never tried before-big like a beet, black on the outside, white inside)

pea shoots(for salad)

2 lbs satsumas(snacking and lunches)


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