Back to Work

I returned back to work finally this week, after a two month break.  One thing after another kept me from it (burst pipes at the residence I work, sick kids, etc.) but now I am back.  I wasn’t all that excited, as I enjoyed my free time but I had missed the cooking.  Cooking is not as creative as I would like at the house I work.  There are dietary restrictions (kosher, severe nut allergy) and a fear of spice.  But I always enjoy the creating.  and building experience.

Today things took a turn for the better.  I wanted to stop by the farmers market and thought it would be nice to prepare today’s meal based upon what I found.   My client is very particular about where she shops because of the dietary restrictions so I knew this might be a little hard for her to agree to.  But why not?  Food tastes so much better fresh and there is nothing more fresh than directly from the farmer.  I need to feel connected to the food I am preparing and this does that.  I want to feel inspired by the food and season, not just following a menu last minute.  Just showing up and cooking does not give me a chance to shine.  I can do better than that and it can taste so much better too.

She said ok.  I read out the dishes I planned to prepare and she went for them, all of them.  Sauteed thin asparagus with butter, roasted delicata squash rings, wilted kale with caramelized onions, spinach-orange-avocado salad, and arroz con pollo.  She added on a mushroom barley soup.

It all turned out beautifully.  The oranges were of a variety totally new to me-pink navel.  They were bursting with juice and wonderfully sweet.  I had to hold myself back, knowing it inappropriate to eat the remnants while working.  What a waste.

And the time went by much quicker than I ever remember.  I guess I already had it in my head what I was making and didn’t need to follow any recipe.  I flowed and shined.  The housekeeper noticed and smiled.  “You sing girl!” she whispered as she passed by.   I hadn’t noticed I was singing.  It was that good of a day.

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One Comment on “Back to Work”

  1. Deb Kumpula
    March 1, 2008 at 1:31 pm #

    I know just what you mean- when you do what you love, the spirit can’t help but sing. The meals sounds delicious. Where do you come up with all that?!

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