5th birthday party


My daughter had her 5th birthday party this weekend. We rented the outdoor picnic area at our local park for the event. My task was to make fun food for the kids and tasty food for the parents. I did not want to spend alot but make something more than just sandwiches. Here is what ended up on the menu. As always, I wanted to make more than I ended up with time to make. I had to cut a few non-essentials out at the last minute.

-Mediterranean rice salad

-Baked pita chips with herbs, tzaziki

-Smoked salmon and cream cheese on crackers

-7 layer mexican dip with chips

-Assorted crackers, pretzels, nuts

-Fresh cut fruit platter with watermelon, cantaloupe, pinapple, and strawberries

-Strawberry and cream cheese star cut-out sandwiches

-Baby bagels with cream cheese

-veggie platter

The highlight was the homemade cake! I was going to buy it from Costco just to make life easier but wanted something more special. Luna wanted a pink cake with pink frosting so I decided to make it. At first I wanted to make a 3D cake but couldn’t settle on any one design. I have heart shaped pans my mom gave me and thought those would be perfect. I would make a cake with three tiers.

I found a recipe online for a homemade strawberry cake. I did not want to use artificial food colorings for the pink, or at least minimize it. This recipe called for strawberry puree and a box of jello mix for the color. Normally I would use whole-wheat pastry flour on my baked goods but wanted it to be as close as I could to the “birthday cake”. I used all purpose flour and white sugar. It was hard going against my personal beliefs but knowing the exact ingredients, which included real butter, made me feel a little better. And it turned out beautiful! And it tasted delicious! Moist with a great strawberry flavor instead of just nondescript-sweet.


All the kids (and parents) seem to have a great time. And most of the food was gone by the end. Every year I get better at this!

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One Comment on “5th birthday party”

  1. Priti
    March 11, 2008 at 7:09 pm #

    Wow !
    Any leftovers ?

    — priti šŸ™‚

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