Birthday cupcakes

My son’s birthday was the next day and I had promised to make some cupcakes to share at school.  I debated upon just purchasing a sheet cake at Costco, or maybe Costco cupcakes but talked myself out of it.  I am better than that.  And I enjoy making them.

He requested chocolate cake with chocolate frosting but I realized after my last late night trip to the store to gather supplies, that I had forgotten cocoa powder.  I was not going again.  For the cake, I melted down unsweetened chocolate, adding extra for the powder the recipe called for.  For the frosting, I added cream cheese instead and added sprinkles for color.

For the last 7 birthdays I have tried to be healthy and make somewhat healthy cakes.  They taste delicious to me but are not a great hit with the guests.  I guess I have every other day in the year to do healthy and as long as I am using good quality ingredients (butter, organic flour, organic cane sugar, etc) it is okay to let it go.  So this year I took all those years of wisdom and made a cake with white, but still organic, flour and sugar.  It was wonderful!  Light in texture, rich chocolate flavor, and creamy sweet frosting.  Perfect!  I may just hold on to this recipe for the following years.

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One Comment on “Birthday cupcakes”

  1. Angela
    April 25, 2008 at 9:51 pm #

    They are beautiful. I am sure Jaden loved that you did that and will have those memories for a lifetime (of a mom who does things like that for him).

    On a side note, I am really surprised the school allows you to bring in cupcakes for the students. Really, really surprised.

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