Sunday dinner party for 12

I was asked by my son’s co-teacher to make food for her father’s birthday party. I guess it all started when I gave her the gift of homemade food for her baby shower present. Since then she has asked me if I could possibly make more food. And now a meal for twelve. Sure, why not.

The family picked out a few different chicken entrees with brown rice as an accompaniment. They were unsure on the vegetable and appetizer, so I did some work to come up with some ideas to go with. I gave them a few choices and they picked two of each. I added on individual vanilla custards for dessert.

Here is the whole menu:


fresh thai spring rolls with shrimp and dipping sauce

spinach feta pastries


chicken stir fry

classic chicken enchiladas

chicken with peanut sauce

steamed brown rice


grilled local asparagus

spicy vegetable stuffed peppers


classic vanilla custard

Sorry there are no pictures. The meal took almost 6 hours to prepare and I was rushed to make sure it was done in time. It turned out very nice. I was proud to present it.

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One Comment on “Sunday dinner party for 12”

  1. Shelby
    May 5, 2008 at 7:23 pm #

    hi its brock i wish their was some pics call me and tell me all the de,s

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