Birthday dinner

Learning from the mistake made last year, where I prepared myself an elaborate feast only I enjoyed, I went with simple this year. I knew I did not want to go out and waste all that money on a mediocre meal. Any food I prepare myself will be much fresher and tastier. I know what really makes a meal superb, attention to detail and good ingredients. A dish can be ruined by an undercooked onion.

So I went with easy and satisfying, buying ingredients that I can only afford on special occasions. I focused on appetizers as the main part of the meal and pasta being a second. The appetizers were hot artichoke dip with baugette, proscuitto-wrapped roasted asparagus, and mozzarella di bufula caprese salad. The pasta was a clam sauce bucatini, but we were too full on appetizers to really enjoy it.

After a movie, we were ready for dessert. Jentzen wanted to get a special cake and hunted around online. He came up with a couple shops that sounded good and I went and picked one out. I chose HotCakes, the bakery near our house. I had had a bad experience with them in the past, with a stale shortbread cookie. But they looked like a good shop, using fresh ingredients so I thought to give them another chance. They apologized for my previous experience and admitted it does happen. I am glad I came back! The cake was beautiful! It was taller than the display showed, too big even to fit in the box. It was a simple pound cake with four layers, each filled with whip cream and berries. RIch and light at the same time. Delicious.

It was a great day. And I got flowers delivered!

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