Drive north

We headed out of town at 10 pm on a Sunday night, car full of supplies and excitement.  Like our other trips north, we pass the taco trucks on Venice, serving hungry people on their way here and there.  I had always wanted to stop but this time actually did.  The food is much better than anything I could get on the road.  I get two pork tacos, with all the fixins.  Yum!

Sometime around noon we arrive into Eugene, OR.  We notice some beautiful wildflowers growing on the side of the highway and stop to photograph them. The landscape is much different here than back in LA.  So much wide-open space and fresh air.  We  drive out to my friend’s house near Florence, west from Eugene, and rest.  After a lovely nap and a swim in the river, we start dinner.  I brought some fresh fruit and veggies from the farmers market in Santa Monica, knowing my friend will appreciate the bounty.  Here in Oregon it is just starting to feel like summer.  They are a ways off from the fruits and veggies of summer.

We make watermelon mint cocktails to start.  Second comes a wonderful pasta salad with a little bit of everything; cherry tomatoes from the school garden, arugula, parsley, homemade yogurt cheese, and lemon.  Someone stokes up the barbecue and we grill some zucchini and chicken.  The meal is complete with a peach galette, hot from the oven.  I haven’t eaten this well in some time and it is wonderful cooking with friends!

After dinner we explore the garden, tasting the leaves of new plants.  The kids decide that ginkgo leaves do not taste good.

Tomorrow we head to Seattle, on the way stopping at a local farm for the best strawberries around!

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