Fresh Cherry Pie

My husband and his mom took the kids on a visit to Grandpa Chuck’s house. He has a big, beautiful cherry tree in his yard and they came home with enough pie cherries to make a couple pies. My mother-in-law pitted them while I made the crust. Once the cherries were ready, she left it to me to make the pie. I had never before made a cherry pie from fresh pie cherries. I should have followed a recipe, as the final product turned out more like crust with individual cherries in it rather than a homogeneous unit. The crust was delicious and the cherries the prefect balance of sweet and tart, but the filling really could have used some cornstarch or just a touch of flour as a thickener. And the guests were not shy in saying so. Live and learn. I won’t make that same mistake again.

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One Comment on “Fresh Cherry Pie”

  1. Nona
    July 29, 2009 at 2:32 pm #

    Far better than my first attempt at a cherry pie. I was 19 and knew my dad- (your grandpa) loved cherry pie.
    So i bought cherries and made him one for Father’s Day. It was so sweet, it was inedible.
    I didn’t know you use “pie cherries” for making pie! (duh!)
    I had bought sweet cherries. bing, I think. 😀

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