Salmon Berries

No where else in the world I have I seen or heard of salmon berries.  Only in the wonderful Northwest!  As a child, I was always too afraid to try them, hearing of stories of poisonous berries that could kill you.  It was known that you could eat them, but I didn’t actually know anyone who did, and lived to tell.

Now as an adult I am a little more adventurous.  I seek new and unusual things like salmon berries.  And knowing that they are rare in other parts of the world makes me want to eat them all the more!

While we were camping at Deception Pass, I saw the infamous berry.  For the first time, I reached out, picked it, and ate it.  There were few on the bush, and the ones that remained were rather sad and shriveling.  I picked the best of them.  It was shaped similar to a woolen hat that had shrunk in the wash and only covered the top half of your head.  The color was bright, like that of a raspberry and similar seed size.  The taste was like no other berry I had previously.  Sweet but tart, with almost a citrus-like note.  I am sure I did not get the true flavor, as the berry was on it’s last leg, but I think I got the just of it.

Next summer I will have to make a point of hunting more down to get a real taste.  and a better picture (sorry:) )

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