Passion fruit (or The Joys of Living in LA with the bounty of produce)

One of the great things about living in LA is the access to great produce.  We have a bountiful farmers market running almost everyday of the week, offering everything from tropical fruit to unusual greens and herbs. and the standard stuff.

On my last visit to the market, I stopped by one of my favorite booths, Coleman Farms.  They always have unusual things like kafir leaves and limes, amaranth greens, and jujubees.  This week they had passion fruit.  It is one of my favorite fruit flavors in the world but never have I eaten one fresh.  I picked out a couple for testing.

They are an amazing fruit.  The outside is quite hard, I had to use a bread knife to cut into it.  It was so beautiful, I had to take a picture before eating.  The texture took a little getting used to, with it’s almost mucus-like seed coating, but the flavor and scent moved me right past my hesitations.  I sucked the seeds and pulp out, making sure to get every last bit.  YUM!  It has citrus notes, along with the sweet and tartness.  It is hard to describe exactly.  I don’t think I have the vocabulary to depict it accurately.  You will just have to try one yourself.

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