Restaurant El Agave

After my lovely bike ride, I decided to treat myself to lunch.  There is this little Oaxacan place on Venice that I have wanted to try and this seemed the perfect opportunity.

There were only two other couples in there, one waiter, and one cook.  The interior was festively decorated, with banners of vivid colors and pictures of traditional mexican scenes in sepia tones.   Behind a small deli case, shelves held pottery and decor for Day of the Dead.

The waiter brought chips and fresh salsa, which was a perfect balance of savory and spicy, and took my order.  A few minutes later he brought me my two tacos, one asada, the other camarones (shrimp), and a plate of fried plantains.

I squeezed lime onto both tacos and took a bite.  The taco asada was beautiful, with well-seasoned meat and tasty salsa.  The taco camarones was generous filled but not quite as flavorful.  I suppose I could have added more salsa but I wanted to taste it as the cook had prepared.  I was a little disappointed when the plantains arrived, imagining them in my mind when I ordered to be circle cuts rather than horizontal cuts.  They were not crisp either, as I had enjoyed in Costa Rica, but rather mushy.  I ate a few.  The flavor was nice, sweet and savory, but the texture was not quite right.

I would go back again, to try some of the other traditional Oaxacan dishes on the menu.  Places like this, I have learned to stick to what they know and probably do best.


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