Jamie’s new book available in stores in the US!!

I have been waiting for a long time now.  I wondered when it would ever happen.  There was no word from anyone when it would happen.  But today it did!

I was browsing the aisles of Costco and spotted it!  Jamie Oliver’s new book, jamie at home.  I yelped with joy!, ran straight over and grabbed a copy.  It was as if I had found a long lost family heirloom or something!  I held it tight and hurried to an quiet corner to look it over.  The widest smile in days spread across my face.  I poured over each page and picture.

Not wanting it to dirty with the other groceries in my cart, I held it to my chest as I made my way to the cashier.  Handing it to him, oh so carefully, and requesting to carry it after he rung it up.  My smile stayed with me all the way to the car.

The book is like something I would write myself, a back to basics, growing and preparing your own harvest, with Jamie’s experience of 16 years working in and running high-end restaurants. It is organized by season, with beautiful plant and food photographs.  All of the recipes are unusual, but with common ingredients.  There are wonderful explainations on how to grow your own food and tips Jamie has found useful.

There is something about Jamie that I feel very connected to.  He is so passionate about food and it really shows through to me.  I see the sparkle in his eye when he gets all excited about an amazing simple tomato salad.  Maybe it’s his enthusiasm, maybe it’s his focus on simple foods made extraordinary, or the fact that we are the same age, or maybe because he is so cute.  I guess it’s all of these things.

I will be making many of these recipes in the next few weeks.  Stop by and check it out or call me up and i’ll make you some:)

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