It’s all about appreciating the little things

These days I have been working in the garden as much as I can handle.  The midday heat is bearable only for a short time.  I have been clearing some of the beds and weeds that lurk in between.  I have been hesitant to plant seeds, as it is a teaching garden and I want to involve the kids.

Our school has been in limbo with no established principal (we only have an interim), closing of classes because of low enrollment, and children getting reassigned to new classrooms.  Add that to the fact that it is the start of a new year, and it makes for little free time for the teachers to send their classes out into the garden.  I may have to settle for time during recess.

So things have not been moving as quickly as I would like them to.  I have had to remind myself to appreciate the little victories.  Like the new fence I built to protect my low growing plants.  I had them surrounded with bricks last year, requesting the children to walk around or over the area so as to not step on the small plants, but they sometimes just don’t listen.  The new fence is a perfect solution.  And I made it out of supplies that we had laying around.

I have also planted the previously unused beds that lay on the pavement between the school gate and my son’s classroom.  My dad had sent me some seeds for delicata squash last year and I planted those there, along with some snap peas, carrots, and lettuce.  People pass by on their way to and from school, see me out there working in the garden bed, and smile.  Maybe in some small way, it teaches by example the difference each one of us can make.  I feel it makes the school more alive and less sterile.

(delicata squash)

I found some scrap wood lying around the campus and painted it today, planning to make some signs to personalize our gardens.  Some kids (and adults) don’t have a sense of respect for the environment around them, tossing thier trash wherever they feel fit, and destroying plants and property.  I am hoping the signs, painted with the help of the children, will help educate them the importance of respecting our gardens.

So, I have tried to take it a little slower, stopping to appreciate the seeds that have sprouted into seedlings, and the joy of being a part of something that brings smiles to faces.

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