Salsa Verde

(Wild Alaskan salmon with salsa verde)

I never realized how easy it is.  Just add a few ingredients into a blender and a minute later you have something remarkable.

Two years ago, we had an overabundance of cilantro growing in the garden.  I wanted to do a cooking project with my son’s class and his teacher, Mr. Dastur, suggested green salsa.  He told me what to bring and he would teach the class how to make it.  We husked and washed the stickiness off the tomatillos, added them to a blender, threw in a couple seeded jalapenos, juice of a couple limes, a dash of salt, and the cilantro, and within seconds it was done.  I passed out some tortilla chips and Mr. Dastur gave each child a spoonful of this vibrant green mixture.  They ate it up, begging for more.  I tried it.  It packed some heat but the flavor was wonderful.  So simple!  I never knew!

So now I make it at home when I am in the mood.  Purchasing the tomatillos from the latino market, they cost 50 cents a pound.  I can make a whole quart for less than three dollars.  And it is more delicious than anything you could buy out there.  I’m telling you…

If you are not sold yet, think about all the possibilities.  Atop grilled fish ( I had it over wild Alaskan salmon last night), braise a pork roast in it to get an amazing pork verde, with onions, peppers, and scrambled eggs, on a taco, or just with some chips.

Give it a go.  You will not be disappointed.  And let me know what you come up with.  I am always looking for new ideas.

Check the recipe page for full recipe.

Salsa verde over tostada with beans+cotija

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