Homemade Gravlax

I am working on making gravlax at home.  I have wanted to make it for sometime but, never actually finding a recipe, I thought it may be difficult.  A recent foodie mag had published an issue on curing and preserving at home. (I cannot for the life of me, find that magazine now!  If I do I will post it)

The magazine made it all look so easy and straight-forward, so I decided to take it on.  Because, when I was ready to prepare the fish, I could not find the recipe, I resorted to searching online.  I poured over a few trusted websites and collaborated the information to make my own recipe.  Because curing the fish is not exact science, I felt it would be easy enough.

I bought a fillet of Wild Alaskan Coho, washed and prepped it, making sure there were no bones, and cut it into two equal pieces.  I then sprinkled some course sea salt into the bottom of a glass rectangular Pyrex, placed one half of the salmon on top, skin side down.  I then sprinkled salt, sugar, and fresh dill over both fillets and placed the other fillet, skin side up, on top of the first.  Covering with plastic wrap, I set the dish into the fridge with a jar of pickles on top, to weigh it down.

I will drain the liquid every 12 hours and it should be ready in 2-3 days.  Some recipes say to splash the fish with alcohol but I don’t think it is necessary, as not all of the recipes required it.  The traditional recipe suggested using Absinthe, which is anise flavored and would go nicely. Maybe if I can find some I will use that.   We’ll see…

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