It’s guava time!

At the market yesterday, I found guavas!  Actually, their smell found me!  Remembering last years fruit(posting “winter fruit” 12/03/07), I jumped on the chance to bring some home.

There were a couple different vendors selling them, each with a different variety, all organic.  I bought a couple pineapple guavas and a whole basket of the variety (name unknown at this time-though I am researching it) I thought I had enjoyed last year.

The scent of guava has permeated my house; it is wonderful!  I almost don’t want to eat them, so as to savor the scent as long as possible.  Almost.

I was a little disappointed when I finally decided to eat one.  The variety unknown was ripe first, so, anticipating the sweet, citrusy, tropical, floral taste, I excitedly bit in.  It was not nearly as sweet as I remembered.  It did not have the rosy pink interior as before, though I thought the skin color was the same.  Maybe I will wait another day or so to eat the next.  Definitely, I will be searching on-line as to what variety it is and was.   And I do look forward to tasting the pineapple variety.

I will let you know what my research finds.

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