Detoxification diet now available

Detox diet.

The phrase has been popping up in my daily life for the last month or so, and I have finally decided to do something about it.

I have done the diet a few times in the last five years, under the guidance of my naturopath.   I pretty much have it down to a science.  No dairy, meat, sugar, white flour products, eggs, coffee, chocolate, or anything processed.  Drink lots of water and detox tea.  Supplement with immune boosters such as Emergen-C or Vitamin C.  Consume plenty of organic, fresh, raw fruits and vegetables.  Sounds easy enough, until you realize that there is sugar in everything and it is harder than you would think to avoid dairy and white flour.

I wrote up the specifics of the diet for my sister, as she is complaining of stomach problems.  While writing it up, I really had to stretch myself to come up with a menu.  I thought back to the vegan dishes we used to make at the deli, or with my Radical Moms and Pops group.  I realized how hard this could be for the common consumer.  It makes sense to me, with my nutrition background, experience working in a natural foods deli, and love for cooking.  But for someone in a small town, like my sister’s, someone who lacks experience with natural foods, or someone who is not all that interested in cooking, it’s a totally different story.

So I thought I could offer the plan to those who are interested (leave your contact in the comment section below the post and I can send it to you, for free of course).  I have been “doing all the research, puttin’ in the man hours”, like my husband likes to say (quote from Step Brothers).  I figured it could also be a great incentive for new clients; I write up the plan and menu, they chose which foods they want, and I make it for them. (Check my “personal chef services” page for more info on service) How easy is that?  I am going to try to do that for my sister, though it involves me driving 9 hours each way to her place in Arizona.  But that’s what sister are for right?

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