How to make corn tortillas

Inspired by my kid’s dual language teachers to get out and practice spanish, we headed to the local Latino mercado.  There we picked up some ready-made masa, for making corn tortilla or tamales.  We decided it would be fun to make some tortillas this week.

Luna helped me out.  Here she will go through the steps with us.  For this lesson, you will need masa harina or ready-made masa, and a tortilla press.

1.  If you have ready-made masa like us you are set.  If not, mix according to the directions on the bag.  Make a ball of dough in your hands.

2.  Place one plastic baggie on bottom of tortilla press.  Place ball on top of the baggie and cover with another baggie, making sure it is centered. Press even pressure down on handle.

3.  Lift and carefully peel tortilla away from plastic.  I find it works best to place tortilla side down on palm of hand and peel the plastic from it.

4.  Place tortilla in preheated dry skillet (I find cast iron works best).  You do not want to oil the skillet, as this is not a fry, but rather a dry toasting.

5.  Flip when it starts to brown and either add cheese and toppings now or cool to a plate and save for later.  Yummo!

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