Halloween scarecrows for the garden

I thought it would be fun to get festive in the garden for Halloween and make some scarecrows.  I invited a couple of the fifth-grade classrooms to help out, asking them to bring old clothes that we could use.

Purchasing hay in the city of LA is not an easy task.  It is not a commonly needed item, so I had to search in areas where I knew people owned horses (think Palisades, Malibu, Valley).  The closest to me, and best drive, would be Malibu.  Right off the PCH is a feed supply store, convienient.

So I unloaded all the camping gear that I had yet to carry up to the apartment and grabbed a big plastic bag.  After dropping the back seat and covering every carpeted space in the back, I filled my car with 4 bales of hay.  There was just enough space to shut the doors.  My car smelled like a barn, which was actually nice.

The following day we assembled the scarecrows.  We first bound two bamboo poles together and then pulled the shirt onto them.  WIth rubber bands, we sealed off the legs of the pants and arm holes for stuffing.  The first one we made, we tied off the bottom cuff of the shirt but it looked sort of weird, all fat in the chest and skinny at the waist.  The second we just left loose, though that is not so great either, as the hay falls out the bottom.  After the shirt was finished, we stuffed the pants and shoved the bottom of the pole through one of the pant legs, pulling the pants up to meet the shirt.  The head is made from a plastic grocery sack, filled with crumpled-up newspaper, tied off, and covered with a piece of white muslin.  Once the muslin is rubber-banded at the bottom, we drew the face.

The head is a little hard to attatch, as you can see, ours are not perfect, or do they sit up erect.  We tried to keep it in place by wrapping the hat around the pole.  It helps but doesn’t totally solve the problem.  Whatever, it is a children’s garden, with scarecrows made by kids.  It is not suppose to be perfect.  They love it anyway.

I placed the extra bales of hay around the garden, one with dried corn stalks we grew in the summer and a pumpkin.  All this, along with our new garden signs, and the place looks both festive and loved.  Now I just have to get some more classes outside to plant the remaining beds.

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