Donated time and lunch to Obama phone bank

I have been inspired by Senator Obama’s call to service and have answered the call.  I signed up with my local campaign group and joined a phone banking group this morning at Culver Studios.  We were to start at 10am and people would be coming and going all day, until 5pm.  I figured there would be some hungry folks, so I put together a pasta salad, with tuna, artichoke hearts, fresh bell peppers and pecorino, and headed out the door.

There were 4 or 5 people siting around the commissary at the Studio, making calls on cell phones or looking over papers.  I was greeted by a friendly young woman in a “Change” baseball shirt.  She welcomed me with a warm smile, checked me in, thanked me immensely for the food, and directed me to another woman, who walked me through what I was to be doing.  We were calling voters in Florida, asking for their support and letting them know that early voting has started in Florida.  Most people were either not home or very supportive.  A quick glance down the age column, told me something I already suspected; these people were all seniors. And seniors like to talk.  They told me about their son moving down from New York, how standing too long hurts their legs, and thoughts on McCain.  Of course there were some negative responses but I did not take it personal, as I don’t enjoy soliciting calls at hoe either.

There are going to be many more phone banking opportunities.  Check your local campaign group to get involved!  I will be attending another one next weekend, at the same location.  I think I will make pumpkin bread and cinnamon rolls.

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One Comment on “Donated time and lunch to Obama phone bank”

  1. October 25, 2008 at 11:02 pm #

    LOVE the lady on the phone whose legs hurt from standing too long! OY! Save me from becoming her someday, please???

    And thank you for your commitment to the democratic process!

    Sarah Jane Hussein

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