Winter squash project

While working on our school campus last week, I spotted some kids passing out boxes, setting them in front of the classroom doors.  Curiously, I stopped and peered inside one.  A variety of beautiful winter squash, spaghetti, acorn, butternut, red kuri, and some unknown.  I felt some excitement rise inside of me.  A new challenge!  The Nutrition Network boxes were here!!

Later that afternoon, I dropped some hints to my favorite teachers.  “So, what do you plan on doing with those squash?  Do you usually make something with the class or just send them home with kids?”, trying to get a feel for what they had in mind.  It seems in years past I have scared some people, or maybe just approached in a wrong manner.  I have sent out notices to the teachers, announcing my interest in helping out with cooking projects, centered around these boxes.  I have talked to them directly, letting them know I am available, and how to contact me.  I get that they have busy schedules and have to make time for things like this, sometimes replacing important lessons to make room.   I get it, but it is so worth it.  It is such a nice break from the daily grind for everyone involved.

So this year I am trying to make it as easy as possible.  I hunted down some recipes that feature squash and typed up a list of dishes we could make.  From something as simple as roasted squash with olive oil, salt and pepper, to things more complicated like pumpkin ravioli with sage.  I will let them choose, as they all sound so good, I want to make each one.  Then all they will have to do is block out some time on the day we decide and hang out while I do the lesson.  Easy peasy!

So here is the list of dishes I found, along with some others I did not pitch to the teachers.  The recipes can be found on the recipe page.

  • Roasted squash gratin
  • Three sisters casserole (bean, squash, and corn)
  • Winter squash and apple salad
  • Marinated butternut squash
  • Spaghetti squash with brown butter
  • Roasted squash with olive oil, salt and pepper(herbs optional)
  • Roasted squash with brown sugar and butter
  • Pumpkin soup

(with apple and indian spices,

with potato, tomato and rosemary,

with onion, butter, nutmeg, and cream

with basic chicken stock)

  • Ginger pumpkin mousse
  • Baked rice with butternut squash
  • Pumpkin ravioli
  • Amish Pumpkin cinnamon rolls with caramel frosting
  • Chicken pumpkin chili
  • Pumpkin fudge
  • Pumpkin doughnuts
  • Roasted acorn squash, pears and potatoes with Gorgonzola

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