Fiesta de cumpleaños para Leslie

Tonight we were invited to our friend’s second birthday/baptism party.  We have been to some of their parties in the past and they are alot of fun!  Lots of people hanging out, eating, drinking, chatting, and dancing.  Kids play in a group off to the side, coming back to check in with mom now and again.  Most of the guests speak spanish, so it is a great time to practice.  I enjoy the change from the types of birthdays I grew up with, which seemed much shorter and more scheduled.  These seem more relaxed and family-focused, rather than child-focused.  The parties usually start with some food and drink, followed by music, piñata, dancing, more food and drink, and cake.

This party was a little different, as it was a baptismal party as well.  The parents were dressed in their best, as were the children.  They hired a taco man to cater the event, rather than cook.  There were special songs and dances for the occasion, as well as an elaborate three-tiered cake, similar to a wedding cake.  A series of pictures were taken, parents and god-parents posing behind the cake.  I felt fortunate to be invited to such a celebration.  I could have stayed all night! The kids had a great time too.

leslie the birthday girl

leslies-party0003 the taco man

leslies-party0004 stuffing the piñata

leslies-party0005 big sister

leslies-party0006 getting a taco

leslies-party0007 adding condiments

leslies-party0008 Luna and Itzel

leslies-party0009 partygoers

leslies-party0010 setting up the piñata

leslies-party0011 awaiting the piñata

leslies-party0013 apprehensive birthday girl

leslies-party0014 Luna’s turn!

lesliebday0001 tacos sent home for my husband

lesliebday0002 cake and gelatina

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