Cooking with Brock

Time spent away from my own kitchen can be hard.  Not having my own fridge to store things, pantry to pull staples out of, or equipment that I depend on daily.   I usually make do for short periods of time, whereas longer ones, I usually end up taking over someone else’s kitchen.  My mom doesn’t really seem to mind when we are there, as she doesn’t have the time or patience to cook everyday.   And my in-laws have come to expect that their kitchen becomes a shared space when we arrive into town.  And as the years pass, my father-in-law, Brock, seems to welcome the intrusion.

In our holiday planning, I scheduled in some time to make some special things with Brock.  I wanted to make tamales and he wanted to try to make goat mozzarella.  We never did get around to making the cheese, but we did make some pretty great meals as well as the tamales (which he actually ended up making mostly on his own, as we arrived late.).

The stress of being without my kitchen was not nearly as difficult as I expected this holiday.  It was actually a nice break, where someone else made me delicious food with love.  I really enjoyed it, and I think Brock did too.  But I am sure he is glad to have his kitchen back as well.

Some of the yummy things we made:

Eggs benedict with dungeness crab and avocado

pork tamales with green chilies

smoked salmon quiche

clam chowder

sliders (baby burgers)

homemade pizza







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