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I have started writing menus for cooks who are stuck in a unhappy routine or have new dietary restrictions they are unfamiliar or overwhelmed by.  It has been alot of fun and rather inspiring.  I have pulled out those cookbooks collecting dust on the bottom shelf, some I have yet to browse, and found recipes to add to my ever-growing list of “new recipes to try”.  And I feel like I have helped out some folks, maybe re-inspired them, and hopefully, kept one more family out of the McDonald’s drive thru.  Small victories are what keep us going, well at least me.

I think I will start a new monthly post, seasonal sample menus.  It can give seasoned cooks new ideas, and aspiring cooks incentive to want to cook.  These menus are so easy, with a little know-how, they can be made without an actual recipe.  For those who need the recipe, you can hire me! 🙂
(see for details on my services)

Cheers and happy cooking!


Fresh Meals- Sample Winter Menus

Braised chicken with easy oven polenta and steamed broccoli

Nori-wrapped salmon, steamed brown rice, and ginger roasted carrots

Mushroom risotto, pan-seared white fish with tomatoes and basil, and green salad

Chicken skewers with miso marinade, steamed quinoa, and stir-fried bok choy

Chipotle chicken tortilla soup with avocado citrus slaw

Chile-braised beef brisket, roasted baby potatoes, and quick sautéed asparagus

Lamb tagine with prunes and cinnamon, Israeli couscous pilaf, and wilted spinach salad

Soba noodles with coconut peanut sauce, tamari roasted tofu, and garlic greens


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