Chinese pastries


Last weekend we visited Chinatown, in downtown LA.  I read about it in Sunset magazine and sounded like a good idea for a Sunday adventure.

Many of my points of interest were food-related; Wonder Bakery, Automat, and Super Home Mart.  The Automat sounded really fun in the article, like something out of an old Cary Grant movie, but with ethnic foods.  Though the shop was closed when we arrived, a peek through the window informed us it was nothing like we imagined.  It was more like a laundromat, where the washers were replaced by cafeteria tables, and two standard snack vending machines stood on the back wall.  We could make out only some of the items inside, things that we definitely not ethnic.

We ventured further, enjoying the sights.  Just ahead was the Super Home Mart, a large store full of everything you could possibly need for an Asian kitchen.  The prices were very low and I was tempted, but resisted, asking myself if I really needed it.  The one thing I could really use was one of those Japanese-style stacked lunchboxes, not in plastic as most I had seen around town, but rather a stainless steel one.  And they had it, in various sizes!  I bought two.


Our tummies started grumbling and we made our way to the bakery.  It was much like those bakeries I had seen years past in Japan, where you start by grabbing a tray and tongs, and make your way past plastic containers filled with assorted shiny buns.  Some are topped with seeds, others with sugar or coconut.  Some are split open, revealing red bean paste, raisins and coconut, or corn and cheese inside.

I grab a few sweet, a few savory, an egg tart out of the cooler case, and a milk tea, for my crew.  We enjoyed the surprise of what is inside, as many of them look similar.  The egg tart is crisp and light, and not at all custardy as I had expected.  More like sweet quiche.

It was a nice day trip and we are planning our next visit soon.  Next time we want to hit up the Ocean Seafood Restaurant my husband has been raving about, and Phoenix bakery, where the locals go.







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One Comment on “Chinese pastries”

  1. Evelyne Stromki
    February 2, 2009 at 4:21 am #

    I like looking at your wonderful adventures…

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