Guava deconstructed


I have written about guavas in past posts but still feel incomplete, as if I have not clearly described their taste, texture, or attraction.

During visits to the farmers market in the months of December through February, I hunt down my favorite variety of guava.  Some vendors sell them, while others do not, and I always have to ask.  It is not easy to distinguish between the varieties, as they look similar from the outside.  The ones I like, which are much sweeter, are pink on the inside, whereas the other is creamy white and a little bland.

The smell of the ripening fruit is a sweet musk.  The taste is quite complex, which is part of the reason I have not been clear enough in the past. It is sweet, tangy, floral, and tropical. The texture is just as complex, with two layers that are completely different.  The first, outer layer, is much like that of a firm pear, about a quarter of a centimeter thick.  The inside is creamy smooth, with non-chewable seeds the size of uncooked rice, that sometimes get stuck in your teeth.

The kids and the husband do not like the guava whole, rather preferring the fruit in juice form.  I think they cannot get past the texture, which is a little unexpected and unusual.  That must be part of the reason I desire for it, along with the fact that it is unavailable in my native Washington.  It may not be for everyone, but should be one of the foods you try when in the area.


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