Carrot sticks for 600+ kids, oh my!


Today was Jump For Heart at our school.  I had inquired about the need for help at the event, and the teacher organizing stated they would take whatever help I was willing to offer.  So I took it upon myself to provide carrot sticks and water to the kids participating, which would be pretty much the whole school.

Last night, my son reminds me the following day would be the event and I had totally forgotten!  Carrot sticks for 600+ kids!  What was I thinking??  I hadn’t organized any other volunteers to help, so it was all on me!  But for the kids, it was worth it.

I had to make a run to Costco anyway, so I picked up two 10# bags of organic carrots, and cut them up while watching the new episode of Lost.  I only had enough containers and room in my fridge for one of the bags, so I would have to cut up the rest at the event, if needed.

Getting to the school before the event started, I begun set up.  By chance, another gleeful volunteering parent was hanging around, and wondered if she could help.  Perfect!  I decided to use napkins vs. cups to serve the carrot sticks in, and skipped the water cups altogether, making less waste.  There were three drinking fountains nearby, so it really wasn’t necessary.

We enjoyed watching the kids and teachers jumping rope, as we prepped.  Once they finished, all at once, the children came towards our table like a mad herd.  Another parent, who had been watching the event, hurried over to help.  It was a crazy rush of kids for about 5 minutes and then subsided.  A few trickled back for seconds and we passed out the remaining sticks.  They circled around the table, munching away happily.  “Yum, carrots!” Those words, and the children’s enthusiasm for a healthy snack, made it all worth it!

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2 Comments on “Carrot sticks for 600+ kids, oh my!”

  1. Stef Alonso
    February 20, 2009 at 6:39 am #

    Hi Melissa,
    Miguel and I had a wonderful time today at the “Jump for Heart” event at school. Mostly, we felt good that we were able to help out today. You were awesome for deciding to prepare these wonderful carrot sticks. Miguel loves carrots, and today, he almost turned into a rabbit.
    Thanks again for thinking of the kids.

  2. melissadavisfood
    February 21, 2009 at 2:45 am #

    Thank you for being my gleeful volunteer:)

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