“Octopus tentacle sushi please!”


At his birthday dinner last night, my nine-year-old son asks if he can order octopus tentacle sushi.  In our family, we like to let the birthday boy/girl choose what’s for dinner. My daughter chose “pasta” for her day and he, after asking each person what they would like (“I want everyone to be happy.”), chose sushi.

From the start, he has always been a good eater. He teethed on whole giant carrots rather than plastic chew toys. He likes his vegetables, and having a nutritionist mom, knows why they are important.  And doesn’t mind telling people the story.  Exotic spices and ingredients do not frighten him.  He isn’t even phased by his classmates “ewww”s or “disgusting!!!”.  So when he asks me if he can order sushi with octopus tentacles on top, I don’t even look up.  I browse the menu to see if they have it, see how much, and put a “1” on the order form.  “Sure, you can have it.”

My husband looks at me with shock  and surprise.  He sees this as a writing moment.  He thinks I should note how kids expand their tastes and open up with out any pressure, how it was once a battle.  I nod.  I think it’s worth mentioning, but not as a huge hurdle jumped, but rather just nice to see.  I like the person he is becoming and that he is interested in trying new things.  That he likes to read and explore what he reads (the idea of tentacule sushi came from reading a book about octopus).  That way, we get to experience new things together.

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