Detox menu of the week


With garden clean up and spring cleaning in my house this weekend, I felt it was time our bodies get a good cleaning as well.  My husband has shown signs of a build-up of toxins in his system and could use it.  I myself would benefit from a week off sugar, dairy, and white grains, as the pants seem to be a little tighter these days.

So my mission this week is to put us, the whole family, on a detoxification diet.  That means no meat, dairy, sugar, white grains, and caffeine.  No caffeine may be the hardest part, but it will be worth it.  Might as well do it right, if we’re going to do it at all.

This sort of thing can only work with prior planning and preparation.  Pulling out all the vegetarian/vegan books off the shelf, I paged through to find five recipes for each meal, breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Familiar with what my family prefers (soup as main dish, not so popular), how much time I have to prepare meals, and what I have in my fridge, I came up with a week’s menu.  I had to make some alterations for lunch, as the kid’s and the husband vary in tastes for the midday meal.

I enjoyed putting together this menu.  I actually came up with more recipes that I wanted to make, then days to make them.  I found some delicious-sounding recipes that will have to wait until next week.

I will post the progress of the detox through-out the week, along with pictures and family reactions.  I gave them a heads-up that this was going down, and asked them to be open to new things, but I am sure I will be confronted with hesitation and negativity anyway.  I will try my best to explain the importance and hope they agree.  The menu isn’t that much different than our normal, so it should, hopefully, go off without too much fuss.

Detox Menu


  • oat pancakes(Ben’s Friday pancakes)
  • lemon cherry muffins
  • whole grain cream of wheat
  • cereal with soy milk
  • vegan blueberry spelt scone


  • chickpea and quinoa Florentine salad
  • french lentil salad with cucumber and tomato
  • tortilla roll-up with salsa
  • brown rice balls rolled in nori-sesame salt
  • falafel with hummus
  • spring tonic soup(cleansing and purifying)with burdock, kombu, kale, and miso
  • veg-celery/pnutbutter, carrots/ cucumber


  • sesame soba noodles with marinated tofu and steamed broccoli
  • red bean and quinoa enchiladas
  • east asian tempeh with carrot, onion, pineapple
  • spinach soup with basmati rice and carrots
  • soy-glazed tofu lettuce wraps, ginger roasted carrots

Recipes found in following cookbooks:

Local Vegetarian Cooking by Debra Daniels-Zeller (most of the recipes came from this book-author is a friend of mine, from Seattle.  Great woman, beautiful self-published book)

Fresh Food Fast by Peter Berley (Lovely seasonal vegetarian book with weekly menus)

Vegan Lunchbox by Jennifer McCann (full of great ideas, Jennifer also runs an award-winning blog by same name)

A Year in the Vegetarian Kitchen by Jack Bishop(over 200+ unusual recipes for every day of the year)

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