Detox-day two

Today has been a little more challenging, as I have been working around the house, with a craving hanging over my head for something sweet.  I realized that I am a little low on protein so I tossed together a little homemade trail mix, with some dry fruit from the pantry and raw nuts from the fridge. That hit the spot and diminished my sweet craving.


Trail mix:

raw walnuts (from Rocky Canyon)

raw pistachio (Santa Barbara Pistachio Co.)


unsulfured apricots


dry apples (from Rocky Canyon)



Breakfast was pancakes again, as we had leftover batter.  The kids asked for syrup, I reminded them we were going without sugar this week and that was the end of it.  No complaining or “oh, man!”.

For lunch, I had leftover soba, tossed with spinach, cut up leftover tofu, and some chili flakes.  It was actually better the second day.  The kids had peanut butter and honey sandwiches, carrots, and satsumas.  The husband had a green salad with assorted vegetables and tofu.  I am sure he will be hungry for dinner tonight, if he stuck with the detox, and didn’t raid the junk food closet at work.


We also started taking a detox supplement, to work along with our foods, to help cleanse our systems.  The supplements are primarily fiber (to flush the toxins), liver cleansing herbs, and digestive herbs.  My husband seems a little hesitant about taking 8 vitamins twice a day, as he does not enjoy swallowing big pills, but I encourage him and he knows it’s for a good cause.  Really, all he has to do is show up when I call him.  Most of the work has been done for him.

For dinner, I made  a slight alteration.  Noticing that we’re not getting enough protein throughout the day, and realizing the spinach basmati soup I planned to make has none, I made lemon lentil soup with spinach and tomatoes instead.  Similar idea, but with legumes.  I served it with brown basmati rice.


I loved it and was completely satisfied afterwards.  The kids were a little more hesitant.  They requested the rice be separate, and gobbled it down quickly.  Left with the soup, they slowed down a bit, stirring it around, and spooning out just the broth.  I offered to remove the spinach, and they happily agreed.  They finished most of it, minus the tomatoes.  For some reason, recently, they have been anti-tomato.  Kids.  They go in and out of preferred tastes.  I was happy that they didn’t complain, but accepted the fact that we are eating healthier this week.

The husband is at school tonight, so I will have to wait to post his response.  I think it will be positive, as he too has accepted the changes.  Days like this make me appreciate my family, going along with my new ideas and adventures.

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