Detox-day three

Today started out good. I woke with enthusiasm, made oatmeal for breakfast and pressure cooked the rice for lunch. The kids ate heartily, with smiles on their faces. I busily packed yummy lunches, while they finished getting ready for school.


p428000302(nori rice balls)

During the day, I was busy working in the classroom and in the garden. Harvest of the month arrived to the school, and we roasted potatoes with the kids(another post). I packed a snack of trail mix, this time with dry figs (yumm!), and some kumquats.

When we returned home from school, our stomach started to growl. The kids snacked on whole wheat toast, while I made dinner. I browsed the list of dinner options and settled on east asian tempeh. We still had some leftover brown rice that we could serve with it. Not having an actual recipe for the tempeh, I tossed together what I remember. Orange juice concentrate, mirin, rice vinegar, tamari, sesame oil…and some red onions, red peppers, and green onion. It roasted in the oven while I debated over if the kids would actually eat it, as tempeh has somewhat of an acquired taste and texture. They could have beans and rice if they did not want it.


Politely, they gave it a shot and were not impressed. Again, they gobbled down the rice and slowly picked at the plain beans. Not their favorite meal. I was loosing steam and enthusiasm.

My husband came home late, said his lunch(leftover lentil soup) was “not as satisfying as I expected.” He admitted to giving in to temptation, a free frozen yogurt at Pinkberry. I was officially defeated.

I felt as if he were with me all along with this and understood the sacrifice was worth it, but him giving in really let me down. Why bother? All this trouble, of coming up with interesting meals that I thought he would be open to. Going in to this, I expected him to resist but he really hadn’t. I guess I started to take it for granted, thinking his head was in the same place as mine. But he was still the same person, with the same cravings for pop and candy. I should have been applauding him for putting up with it for so long, but instead, I felt frustrated that he had one momentary lapse. Maybe my bloodsugar was just low and the activities from the day had worn me, body and spirit. Tomorrow is a new day.

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One Comment on “Detox-day three”

  1. May 1, 2009 at 8:14 pm #

    I want the recipes for the nori rice balls and the tempeh, please — they look delicious!!

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