Detox Day four and five

Day Four

Running late today, I let the kids slide and have hot lunch.  So all I had to prepare was breakfast and adult lunches.  Breakfast was easy, with a quick pot of traditional oatmeal and fresh fruit.  Lunch, I was losing steam on, but quickly tossed together the french lentil salad with spinach, red peppers, cucumber and corn. My husband later reported being rather satisfied by the salad, combined with some celery and peanut butter(ants on a log).

p4290001(pictured straight out of the fridge, note the olive oil solidified some)

Dinner was amazing!! I froze some tofu at the beginning of the week, knowing I wanted to make tofu lettuce wraps sometime this week.  Freezing it makes it more crumbly, like ground meat.  I sauteed some onions and diced mushrooms, tossed in the tofu crumbles, and poured homemade hoisin sauce on top.  Then we served the tofu-mushroom mixture in iceberg lettuce leaves, with brown rice on the side.  I drizzled mine with a little sweet chili sauce (yes, it did have a little sugar but worth it).  Definitely a recipe I will be making again!Yum!


The kids liked the tofu mixture but only my son was brave enough to eat in in the lettuce cup.  As always, they gobbled down the rice and finished off the tofu last.

That is another good thing that has come from this week-they have regained their love for brown rice.  I had gotten into the lazy routine of making white rice, as it cooks in less than half the time.  And they had started to complain when I made brown.  This week, they are just happy to have something familiar!  I am going to make this stick and not get back into the lazy habit.  It is sooo worth it!

Day Five

It’s friday! and I thought it would be the last day of the detox.  But we feel so good from the changes, not ready to reintroduce dairy and meat, we plan to continue with it one more week.

Today we had cream of wheat for breakfast (not the kids favorite).  They ate it with long teeth.  Lunch was more fun, since they are no longer on the detox- baby bagels and cream cheese, their favorite!

For the adults, I survived on trail mix and fresh fruit all day, while I packed a lovely lunch for my husband.  (Why do I always prepare my food last??)  He had a assorted green salad with olive oil-packed tuna and his favorite celery and peanut butter.

At dinner time, we were running the concession booth at our school’s movie night, so the kids had pizza, while I snacked on more trail mix.  I actually was not tempted by the nachos, pizza, cookies, or popcorn.  I have started being able to differentiate between actual dietary needs and mental cravings.  I can resist and not feel like i’m missing out.

When I got home, we were both starving, so I tossed together some vegetarian chili and brown rice and we ate it out of the pot together.  Why bother getting more dishes dirty?  W e were sitting in front of the computer, watching internet TV anyway.

This week has been challenging, but I know I could not have possibly gotten even this far if it weren’t for my preplanning.  I feel fortunate that I have a knowledge of whole foods and vegetarian cooking.  Without that, I would have fallen flat on my face and given up long ago.  Now I can understand how my sister and others feel when faced with detoxing without that knowledge.  There were hurdles and difficulties, but I feel stronger to take on the second week.  Yipee!!

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