Traditional Guatemalan enchilada

Now, your not going to believe me when you see this, but I am telling the truth. It’s an enchilada, Guatemalan-style.


I know, it looks more like a tostada, if you can see the tortilla underneath.  But in Guatemala, they call it a enchilada.

My new friend (and mom of my daughter’s new friend), Nancy, recently moved to LA from Guatemala and we have been hanging out while our daughters play.  One day she came to my house and I made her lunch.  The next time she came over, she arrived ready to make some traditional foods from her country.  Love it! a friend who wants to cook for me.

That day, she made taquitos for the kids, with potato and ground beef, drizzling mild tomato sauce over them.  Delicious!  And for me, she made this enchilada.  The first layer is tostada, then lettuce, then a sort of sweet/sour beet and cabbage mixture, topped with ground beef and small diced vegetables.  That day she did not have the egg or sauce shown here, and it was still lovely.

Today she stopped by, with enchilada in hand.  I couldn’t refuse!  I gladly accept when people offer to make me homemade food, especially when it’s so tasty.

Thanks Nancy:)

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