Curious Palate update: open for dinner!!


The Curious Palate, in Mar Vista, CA is now open for dinner!  Check out their update!

New hours:

MON-SAT 10am-8pm

SUNDAY 10am-3pm


12034 Venice Blvd, LA, CA 90066


And here’s what you’ll find…


DINNER TIME – Along with our menu of sandwiches, soups, sides and salads, we’re featuring special main dishes now that make for a hearty eat-in or take-home meal. This week we’ve got Miso Braised Short Ribs and two Lasagnas–one layered with lamb ragu and spinach; the other with zucchini, spinach, mushrooms, oven-roasted tomatoes and pesto–featuring mozzarella and ricotta from Angelo & Franco Cheese (more info on them below). Later this week we’ll be cooking up a center cut Pork Chop drizzled with a Homemade Strawberry Gastrique, served with pan-fried polenta. As we get into the groove, the menu will grow, so stay tuned.

Prefer your dinners with a little wine? Perhaps most exciting of all, we are now ready to offer BYOB service with no corkage fee at this time. Just bring your wine beverage of choice; we’ll provide the glasses.

CHEESES – What’s wine without a little cheese? Bring a bottle and try a sampler plate of our hard or soft artisan cheeses — or mix it up a little with a few slices of luscious cured meats. If you’re looking for a cheese for a sandwich, salad or hors d’oeuvre at home, though, you must try our hot new items — fresh mozzarella and ricotta from Angelo & Franco Cheese. Angelo Tartaglia and his childhood friend Franco Russo craft their mozzarella balls from California cow milk, transforming it into lightly salted globes with an airy, silky, heavenly texture. Their ricotta too is absolutely top-notch; you can find it on our menu tucked inside our lasagnas, but it’s just as good simply tossed into an omelet or drizzled with any of our yummy honeys!

SANDWICHES & SALADS – Our new sandwiches include: a Pulled Berkshire Pork Shoulder braised in our spicy apricot and tomato BBQ sauce, piled onto a brioche–just like our Sloppy Giuseppe–and served with a fresh coleslaw tossed to order. For the carb conscious, we’ve transformed the Blue Paradise into a salad: seared flat iron steak served chilled with arugula, pickled scallions, and a gorgeous pungent dressing made with the eponymous Blue Paradise cheese from Hook’s Cheese Company in Wisconsin. And for those hot afternoons, we’ve also turned our popular Smoked Salmon sandwich into a refreshing salad — still featuring tender slices of salmon from Santa Monica farmer’s market fish monger Anjin II.

CHOCOLATES – We found out recently that one of our very own neighbors, Patricia Tsai, makes some of the most organic, natural and tasty chocolates in America. Her company ChocoVivo sources organically grown cacao nibs from a grower in Tabasco, Mexico, then stone-grinds the chocolate, Aztec-style with tools similar to a mortar and pestle called a mano and metate. Her mantra? “Simple Is Better”: from using only whole cacao nibs to whole spices, her chocolate is seriously purist — though the flavors, ranging from chili hot to soothingly exotic, are deliciously complex. You can find her chocolates in many forms on our retail shelves — or served up in a hot cup at our counter. Read more about Patricia and the chocolate life at


OUR BAKERY – Currently on our homemade baked goods shelf: Bacon & Spinach Quiche, Chocolate Chip Scones. Brownies and Lemon Cranberry Muffins. We’re now hoping to be open for breakfast by the end of May, but in the meantime — enjoy these treats at any time of the day.

COFFEE – You asked for it — you got it. We now have a brand new espresso machine . That means cappuccinos, lattes, macchiatos and more made with Black Cat Classic Espresso from Intelligentsia and organic milk!

That’s it for now. Eat, enjoy, and see you soon!

Mark, Elliot & the Curious Palate team

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