Oyster shucking and apple pie


We were invited to the birthday party for my friend’s husband this weekend.  The kid’s played while we gathered in the kitchen, putting together the remaining bits of the party buffet.  There was a whole table full of wonderful foods, I couldn’t wait to get started.  Fresh corn salad, romaine salad with pistachios and cranberries, rosemary roasted potatoes, crab salad tostadas, make-your-own black bean tostadas, and fresh oysters on the half shell.

My friend had told me about how much her family loves oysters, and how her husband had invented a shucker that she was convinced he should patten.  I had to see it for myself!  And get a picture of it for my father-in-law, who also loves oysters.  It was quite clever!  A square piece of wood, mounted on a stand acts as the base.  Then a pointed piece of metal on a hinge, comes down and pierces the shell, splitting it open.  I would post the picture, but don’t want to give away the idea, in case he decides to patten it one day.

After we filled up on the main dishes, let our food digest a bit, it was time to check out the desserts.  I had made a fresh apple pie for the party and that was the first dish for me to try.  It was still warm when I cut into it and took a bite.  I have to say, it was the best apple pie I had ever made, or maybe even the best I had ever eaten!  Yes, it was that good!!  The crust was crumbly and crisp, the filling thick, soft and not-too-sweet.  Delicious!



After the party was over, and we were at home chatting, I asked my husband if he had tried the pie.  He hadn’t! and I had left the remaining pie at the party for the other guests to enjoy.  I thought about stopping by my friend’s house today, to see if there was any left, but thought that would be a bit weird.  “HI, I just stopped by, not to see you, but to see if any of the apple pie was leftover?  Oh, you guys finished it off?  Ok, well have a good day.”  Nope, I’m not going over.  I will just have to make another!

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One Comment on “Oyster shucking and apple pie”

  1. Evelyne Stromki
    June 25, 2009 at 6:14 am #

    Mmmmm…! The pie looks absolutely delish..it’s always nice to see what you’ve been up to.

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