Thanksgiving 2009


We were lucky this year to spend the holiday with family from out of state.  My mom flew down from Port Angeles.  We drove out from Los Angeles and all met up at my sister’s house outside Tucson, Arizona.  This year I wouldn’t have to cook alone!

My sister organized the whole thing and relieved me of the stress of planning, shopping, and most of the prep work.  We arrived a day early to make desserts and prep the few dishes I was to make on the big day.  My sister had mapped out everything and even planned for little extras, like the supplies needed for the kids to make their own jello salad and decorate placemats for everyone.

The menu:

Roasted turkey with chorizo

puff pastry wrapped yams with pecans and cranberries

chipotle mashed potatoes with corn

traditional mashed potatoes

cauliflower gratin with poblano peppers and cotija

cornbread stuffing with chorizo

Grandma Gallacci’s potato rolls

steamed fresh green beans

cranberry-orange relish


And for dessert:

bittersweet chocolate pecan tart

pumpkin chiffon pie

cranberry apple crumble pie

jello salad by the kids

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One Comment on “Thanksgiving 2009”

  1. Nonna
    December 8, 2009 at 7:29 am #

    What a wondeful and yummy meal it was. Too bad a person doesn’t have an alternate 2nd stomach for this day only. 🙂

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