Reasons I Love Walla Walla: Walla Walla Bread Company


Before actually visiting Walla Walla, I did a little research.  Right away, I looked into schools, jobs, considered the weather, cost of housing, all the usual stuff.  But more importantly, or just as equally, I looked for natural health food stores, organic farms/ranchs, and artisan bakeries.  As soon as I read about, and then visited, Walla Walla Bread Company, I was all the more convinced this was the town for me. 

As soon as you walk into their doors, you feel the warmth from the soft yellow walls, kind smile from Stacy the cashier, and the deep, earthy aroma of bread baking in the nearby oven.  I savor the moment I step in, every time I visit.  It’s somewhat like coming home.   

Michael Kline, the owner and head baker, saw a need for a high-quality, artisan bakery in Walla Walla, and opened his doors two years ago today.  He has a passion for beautiful local produce and highlights that in his breads and pastries.  Made simply, with primarily flour, water and salt, most of his breads are naturally-levened and take around 3 days to produce. 

And you can taste it in the product! It’s like night and day, the difference between a loaf of his bread and that plastic wrapped one from the grocery store.  There is an actual flavor and wholesomeness, you can taste in every bite. 


Micheal sources locally as many of his ingredients as possible.  He uses Shepherd’s Grain flour, Monteillet Cheese,  Blue Valley Meats, Welcome Table Farm and Edwards Farm, where his kids also enjoy playing on weekends.  The Bread Company also supplies the local community with bread, at Whitehouse-Crawford, Brasserie, all three Whitman kitchens, Crossroads, Backstage, Harvest Foods Deli, and Andre’s Kitchen. To me, and I may be a little biased, the Walla Walla Bread Company is a major asset to this community.


New York-style sweet onion bagel, made fresh daily.


Talking with Micheal, I felt both inspired and validated as a chef.  Vitally important is being proud of what you do, pushing yourself everyday to improve, and ultimately being in-love with what you produce.  These are the things that drive me as a chef and I aspire to. 

The Walla Walla Bread Company has everything you could desire from a artisan bakery.  From the standard pastries like bear claws, crossaints, and muffins, to the more decadent chocolate tarts and mini cream pies.  They also feature two freshly-made soups everyday, ready-made sandwiches or made-to-order ones, quiches and a variety of breakfast items.  Their bread line has some consistent items, like whole wheat, rye, and sourdough, to a daily rotating list of specialty breads like spelt, cinnamon-swirl, and chocolate-cherry.  If you come visit for lunch or a mid-day snack, they also have a good selection of beer and wine.

If you live in the area, stop by today, Friday, July 1st, and wish the Walla Walla Bread Company a happy 2nd birthday!

They are located on 225 East Main Street, downtown Walla Walla .  You can also find them on Facebook.

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    July 1, 2011 at 11:40 am #


  2. Angela
    July 10, 2011 at 7:56 am #

    We’ll have to go there when I come to visit! Sounds amazing!

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