Have you signed the LABEL IT WA petition yet??

As many of you have heard, the initiative to label genetically modified foods in California was narrowly rejected by a vote of 52% to 47% , costing GMO supporters over 45 million dollars to convince voters.  Here in Washington state, a petition is circulating, to gather enough signatures to get a similar initiative on our local ballot.
Being a strong believer in people’s right to know, I have volunteered to be a local rep for signature gathering.  If you live in WA state and are registered to vote, please find your local “where to sign” and get your name on the petition.  With enough signatures, we can get the ball rolling and see if we can build upon the momentum California has started and begin labeling genetically modified foods.  It’s our right as consumers to know  exactly what we are spending our hard-earned dollars on and what we are putting in our bodies.



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One Comment on “Have you signed the LABEL IT WA petition yet??”

  1. November 26, 2012 at 10:35 am #

    Thanks, Melissa. Of course, I want to know.

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