Lacto-fermented/cultured foods

Simple Kimchi

Roughly chop a whole head of napa cabbage

Thinly slice a whole daikon

Thinly slice 6 carrots

Add them to a large pot of salty water(brine).  Let them sit, covered for a day.

After a day, removed the veg from the brine. Tasted to test saltiness.  If it’s too salty, rinse.   Then, pureed together:

1 good size chunk of ginger

6 garlic cloves

a bunch of green onion

1/4 cup red chili flakes

3 Tablespoons whey (optional)

and a few squirts of fish sauce

Add this paste to the drained veggies and incorporate fully.

Pack into sterilized mason jars and press down until the juices came to the top.  Try to keep all veg under the brine.  Cover with a plastic ziploc, press down, and place a smaller jar inside.  Fill the smaller jar to weigh down the veg.  Let sit for a week, checking on them occasionally to change the water and pack the veg down a little more.  At the end of the week, lid them and put in fridge.  Will keep for months and months!

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