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Camp cooking

I love camping!  and am inspired to become a great camp cook.  The standard rules of a home kitchen do not apply here, well, most of them.  You cannot just open the cupboard and wonder what you feel like making.  No, there is planning, shopping, packing, and preparing involved here.  Less is better, as space […]

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Camping Cioppino

Every summer, on the Labor Day weekend, we go camping somewhere along the Northwest coast. One year it was in Oregon, south of Seaside, another year at Cape Disappointment, and this year at Deception Pass. We are joined by my husband’s parents, grandparents, sister, brother, and a friend from the good-old-days without kids. It is […]

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Salmon Berries

No where else in the world I have I seen or heard of salmon berries.  Only in the wonderful Northwest!  As a child, I was always too afraid to try them, hearing of stories of poisonous berries that could kill you.  It was known that you could eat them, but I didn’t actually know anyone […]

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